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product description

According to the needs of the market, the company has recently developed a large fan that can be moved at will.

The large fan is highly efficient, and the adjustable blade angle satisfies a large area of air supply. It can generate an effective airflow of approximately 500 square meters, and enhances the air circulation in all directions. The cool breeze can be felt 40 meters away from the fan.

The moving fan can be up to 3 meters in diameter. Its compact design and long-lasting construction make it the ideal sporting air solution in the harshest environments for any commercial, industrial, livestock, storage environment.

Product advantages

● The whole shell is completed in one time and has high strength.

●Adopting intelligent permanent magnet motor and precise stepless speed regulation. Safe and reliable to use.

●The angle of the blade can be adjusted according to the needs to meet the all-round air supply.

●Equipped with 5-8 blades, the air distribution is more even.

●Use the brake wheel, you can move freely, no need to install, plug and play.


● High-performance design:

The mobile fan uses the intelligent air motor with high air volume and low speed fan technology to completely solve the conflict between air conditioning and high energy consumption! The stepless speed regulation can better meet your precise control of the air volume.

●Flexible mobility:

A large fan with casters allows you to move it anywhere without effort, just plug it into the outlet. The casters with brakes are also easy to operate, flexible to move and durable.

● Variable speed control:

Infinitely variable speed control and outdoor waterproof design can meet your needs.

●Low noise:

Compact and reasonable structural design, equipped with 5-8 leaf aluminum alloy blades, in line with aerodynamics, intelligent permanent magnet motor has: low noise, low energy consumption and long service life.

● Durable: 

Appearance All materials can be made of steel (sprayed) or stainless steel, beautiful and durable. 

● Plug and play: 

No need for on-site installation, the product is pre-installed and commissioned, avoiding cumbersome installation and maintenance-free.

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